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Moog Manuals

This page contains user and service manuals to various Moog products.


Users Manual - 9.0M PDF


Auto-tune Upgrade - 636K PDF

Sequencer Upgrade - 931K PDF

Noise Source Upgrade - 132K PDF

Contributor -- Cary Roberts

Micromoog DIY Modifications

VCF Modification

Contributor -- Michael Caloroso

Moog Minimoog Schematics

VCO Board - 151K - Early revision

Contributor -- Terry Michaels

Moog Modular Service Manual

page 1

page 14

page 24

page 36a

page 48

page 2

page 15

page 25

page 37

page 49

page 3

page 16

page 26

page 38

page 50

page 4

page 17

page 27

page 38a

page 51

page 5

page 18

page 28

page 39

page 52

page 6

page 18a

page 29

page 40

page 53

page 7

page 19

page 30

page 41

page 54

page 8

page 19a

page 31

page 42

page 55

page 9

page 20

page 32

page 43

page 56

page 10

page 20a

page 33

page 45

page 57

page 11

page 21

page 34

page 45

page 58

page 12

page 22

page 35

page 46

page 59

page 13

page 23

page 36

page 47

page 60

Contributors -- Chris Crosskey and Dragon Servicing

Additional contributions -- Paul Smit

Redrawn Schematics -- Piero Manzo

Corrections to 950 and 951 keyboard -- Terry Michaels

Multimoog DIY Modifications

VCF Modification

Contributor -- Michael Caloroso

Moog Prodigy Service Manual











FM Modification

Contributor -- Philip Pilgrim

Moog Rogue Service Manual

Page 1

Page 5

Page 2

Page 6

Page 3

Page 7 Large

Page 4

Page 7 Small

Contributor -- Unknown

Moog Source DIY Fixes

Octave power-up fix

Crazy Source fix

Contributors -- Unknown

Sources -- Analogue Heaven Archives

Moog Links

Moog Frequency Shifter schematics

Moog Stage Phaser schematics - Site updated (1/24/05)

Thanks go out to the following people for their contributions to this page:

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