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Latest Breaking News - April 2018

Welcome to the E-Music DIY Archive!

After only 11 years or so, I'm paying attention to the site again. In the midst of moving it to a new server. After that I will be updating the Wiki software and changing the layout to basically the MoinMoin default. When I did the import years ago I tried to beat the original URLs into the new format and the result is pretty much impossible to maintain and update so this time around I am not going to do that...


March 2007

All the redirects are in place so there is a really good chance you got redirected here from the original physicsenterprises URL. If you did and you can't find what you were looking for, please drop me an email! If its missing then I need to figure out what I broke, and if you didnt get redirected close enough to what you were looking for then I might need to tweak the redirects. In either case I need your help to make the transition as smooth as possible.


August 2006 & Feb 2007

After many years of hard work, Tony Clark is stepping down as curator of the E-Music DIY Archive. I ( Tom Arnold ) have volunteered to continue to host and update the site. In an attempt to make the site easier to update and maintain I am in the process of moving it into a Wiki. This is not the most aesthetically pleasing solution, but I do think it will be good in the long run.

I would personally like to thank Tony for the hard work he has done on the site all these years and I hope that I can live up to the precedent that has been set.

If you are new here, the following tips may help you nagivate the site: Use the side navigation bar to move around the web site. Look at your browser's status bar for information about files and links!

Please forward any comments, criticism, and/or bugs to the curator!

Minor Update List

Useful Feature

As I rather doubt I'll remember to update the main page whenever something new is added, try looking at the Recent Changes page. This will show you where I've been mucking about most recently.

February 2, 2005

NEW! Roland has finally put many of the user manuals for their products up online. This is great news for everyone that has ever emailed me asking for D50 manuals, or other such digital machines. Please go here:

Roland Manuals

Note, I've updated the URL for this link. Roland does require you to create a login to access the manuals but the list of manuals is quite extensive. -Tom

December 15, 2000

The owners manual for the legendary Oberheim Xpander has been added here. Many thanks Kenneth!

December 13, 2000

The service manual for the Korg MonoPoly has been added here. Many thanks Patrik!

December 7, 1999

The schematic for the Boss DR-110 drum machine has been added here. Thanks Ola!

December 6, 1999

The schematic for the Oberheim Mini-Sequencer has been added here. Thanks to Jeff, Kevin, and Mike!

October 20, 1999

Trevor Page has contributed an elegantly simple MIDI-to-CV converter that was designed to be used with Tony Allgood's TB-3030 project, although it can certainly be used to drive other things as well! Find out more here: MIDI-to-CV Converter

August 30, 1999

Tony Allgood has graciously contributed another fabulous filter circuit! This time it is the Super Ladder Filter!

Find more of his circuits here.

The Archive is always in search of more material. If you have anything that you feel would make a great addition, please feel free to contact the curator! He is always on the lookout for schematics of synths, drum machines, sequencers, effects, and about anything else you can think of!

Have any comments or suggestions? Send E-Mail to: tom@sdiy.org

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